VersaUV LEF-12

UV-LED Printers

  • LEC-300/300A/330/540 LEJ-640 LEF-12 Supplemental Manual Read This First

  • LEF-12/20 ECO-UV4 Ink Switching Method

  • First Step Guide

  • White & Gloss Ink Guide

  • Roland VersaWorks Quick Start Guide

  • Master Guide

  • Roland OnSupport

  • Points to Note for and Correction of “Replacing the Wiper” in LEF-12

  • “Setting of the height position of media” when gloss ink is used

  • LEF-12/12i/300 LEC-330/540 LEJ-640 Addition of Ink Shelf Life Menus

  • LEF-12/12i/20/200/300 Notification of Operation Menu Additions and Specification Changes

  • Errata for the Manuals

  • Packing Diagram